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Evangel University (EU) is a private Christian university with an embedded seminary in Springfield, Missouri. It is affiliated with the Assemblies of God Christian denomination, which is also headquartered in Springfield. The former Evangel College was renamed Evangel University on June 8, 1998. The campus sits on 80 acres (32 hectares) that were originally part of O'Reilly General Hospital.

A former student shared his opinion about Evangel University on "Niche" in April 2012:

"Evangel has some pretty strict rules, being religiously affiliated. The punishments can be severe or not, depending on your offense."


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Video Editor (Current Employee) says

"Very team oriented, hard work but rewarding. Not a typical business environment because it is a church but, with the same expectations and efforts. Not a typical week, sometimes Saturdays and Sundays are required."

Chief Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I loved being an audio engineer at Evangel. The pay was very good and the work experience really allowed for growth. Many well known recording artist ca\me through the door and I got to work with a lot of people.The work environment was not very inviting at all. Cons: Not very nice management"

Chief Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Great place to learn and grow in technical endeavors. Cons: Very poor work environment"

Administrative Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed the office setting. Working with customers/patrons was very rewarding. Was able to meet new people and help them with their needs. Staff was very friendly."

Current Employee - Former Staff says

"I have been working at Evangel University full-time for more than 3 years Cons: With merge with CBC and seminary came all new administration. Communication is sparse and misleading if not outright dishonest at times. Enrollment has dropped by over 300 students, about 50 jobs have been cut. Staff is no longer family. Everyone lives on edge of the pink slip. If you loved EU under Pres Spence, you will be quite disappointed with things now. Many jobs in jeopardy."

Former Employee - Digital Content Specialist says

"I worked at Evangel University full-time for more than a year Cons: Leadership/Supervisors. Lack of being open to advancement and innovation."

Current Employee - Digital Marketing says

"I have been working at Evangel University part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Very political environment, lacking any diversity of thought, and lack of a progressive vision."

Former Employee - Receptionist says

"I worked at Evangel University part-time for more than a year Cons: No room for advancement, no pay increase, and the organization is facing a lot of difficulties and change that resulted in a large turnover."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Evangel University full-time for more than 5 years Cons: The majority of the leadership team is very new to either leadership or their position. The pay is quite low."


"I have been working at Evangel University Cons: Compromising Christian foundation although they advertise as a Christian University. Has questionable motives from higher leadership. Discouraging hiring process for most candidates."

Mike Reisman says

"Our experience with Klein Epstein & Parker has been stressful and unnecessarily unpleasant. A reputable company would never behave as they have. We live in Phoenix, Arizona and while in LA on business, my 27-year-old son went into their Hollywood location in mid-October, 2019 and was measured for two custom suits, an extra pair of slacks with each, plus dress shirts and casual shirts. The measurement process seemed meticulous and exacting and took nearly an hour to complete. They were given additional instructions to fit these on the looser side to allow for freedom of movement. The total cost was over $4100, and the garments were to be shipped to our home in Arizona prior to an important business meeting where he wanted to look impeccable. They understood that he could not return for alterations since he lives out of state, but all were in agreement that custom clothing should come out close to an ideal fit, which is a reasonable assumption. My son was excited about receiving wonderful fitting custom designed suits. When they arrived in December, the dress shirts were not included, but the suits and slacks were so small that he couldn’t even get them on, as were the casual shirts. They were sized for a child and he had even lost a few pounds in the time between the fitting and receipt of the clothes. They were so off; it was obvious these were not made to his measurements and it had to be a mix-up of the paperwork in processing or production. We immediately contacted them, but several days went by and there was hostility and push back about a credit to his credit card. Surprisingly, there was no explanation for why this had occurred, never an apology, and no concern for his situation. He had to run around and get another suit made up in rushed and stressed conditions for his meeting. They offered to have him come back to LA for modifications, but this was not convenient or possible, plus there was no way these could be altered to fit anyway. There was not even close to enough material to even begin such a process. It would require starting from scratch. A superior business would have understood immediately the importance of customer service. Were this my company, I would have immediately apologized, told the customer that this was so unusual that it had to be a clerical mixup in processing, and I would have assured the customer they were not at risk for their money. I would have done everything to assure them I would get them their credit and offer a discount if they were willing to give us another try, but not Klein Epstein & Parker. The CEO, Miray Bik, was hostile, defensive, and unconcerned with us, just protecting her own financial interest. She offered a partial credit, which was unacceptable, and it forced us to initiate a dispute with our credit card carrier, and that has taken us an additional four months of time, correspondence and work to get processed. We have a complete email thread and photographs we will be willing to share with anyone who requests them. This is all factual, and I am not happy to have to post this about any company, but it is important that anyone considering the purchase of very expensive custom clothing know the manner in which Klein Epstein & Parker does business. Hopefully this will prevent anyone else from having to go through the misery we have."

Anonymous says

"Rude and unprofessional staff - customer experience is not their priority. The quality of their work is inconsistent. For the price point, might as well go to a JoS. A. Bank"

Anthony Monaco says

"Things are slipping in a bad way!!"

Paul P says

"Do you have an enemy who doesn't know they are your enemy? Send them to KEP for a wedding suit! My made to measure wedding suit was made made grossly incorrectly across numerous dimensions. They attempted to fix it repeatedly, and failed (while claiming it was fine). I eventually had to bypass their in-store people and go to their tailor directly. He said the suit had to be to be remade, but we had no time (because they dragged their feet). He had to cut the collar and add extra seams to get through my wedding, and it still didn't fit properly. One day of wedding usage damaged the fabric. They then made a replacement. It fit worse than before and I couldn't even put on the pants. To their credit, after this 3mo of hell they gave me my money back. Not to their credit they sent me an email out of the blue asking me to write this review."